an expression used to illustrate the (limited) interchangeableness of two popular social networking sites, which is amplified by the facts that each site's title is a compound word and one of the words compounded into one site's title rhymes with one of the words compounded into the other site's title
I'm friends with him on both myface and spacebook.
by thekingofallsocialmedia April 14, 2010
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When you or someone you know reads EVERY comment on a persons myspace/facebook to acquire information on a person, then, when in a conversation the said person acts like they knew the information, as if they were told. But clearly the only way they knew was by reading other people comments.
Stalkers, myface stalking
by The Bay Area Stranger April 20, 2009
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Someone who enjoys both a Facebook AND MySpace going outside of the racial boundaries, being a part of both predominantly white territory (where their friends post constant unimportant status updates like- *insert name here* "is doin' good" and tagging "my top BFFs", and still keepin' it ethnic (with friends who spell their user names-H0TT TAMAL-3 and post comments to profiles that read "Gurl u r so effing hautt. I wud doooo dat sheet". They enjoy taking pictures of themselves while still managing to pear in the mirror making sure they look decent as they take a picture. They know how to keep it neutral, however, when it comes to the scale of sexiness. They smile with their eyes but never take misleading angled body shots.
That girl has both a MySpace and a Facebook, she's a MyFacer.
by 1-800-i' November 29, 2009
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Being on both Myspace and Facebook at the same time. Also can be spacebook.
Tom: Sup? What are you doing?
Marry: Nothing, just myfacing, you?
by ASIANnotAZN December 30, 2008
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