A social networking disease. Symptoms include posting on Facebook or Myspace several times a day. Checking your email many times in a day.
Being obsessed with social networking websites like Facebook and Myspace.
Also, see Spacebook and Mybook
Hey Charlie, all you do is check your email, I think you have Myface!

by The X guy April 21, 2009
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General term covering all of social media. Both Myspace, facebook or any other social network. Similar to the blogoshpere.
"Drop me a line on the Myface"
"See you on Myface."
"Which Myface do you use?"
by Syd Jesus May 01, 2009
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constantly and mindlessly checking your Myspace & Facebook.
"I was so bored on the bus to NYC, all I did was Myface."
by flickrfocker March 28, 2009
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When an individual (usually a female) takes close up pictures of half of their face to post on myspace. These pictures are usually very repetitive, with said individual in the same place with a slightly different facial expression. It usually comprises of a screwed up face, as though they have recently had a stroke.
Omg lolz i've got myface syndrome - look at my half a face in black and white ^___O
by bluemoosie August 13, 2008
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Anyone who adds friends and or hooks up with them only to have been associated with them via MySpace or FaceBook
I was on the internet and saw that you have become quite the MyFace whore, especially with all of your new friends.
by DJ Diva January 12, 2009
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what an older peson / or a technology impaired person calls myspace and facebook

kid : dad just text me or write me on myspace!

dad : i don't know how do do all that texting and tweeting or " myface and yourface ! "
myface yourface }
by dwight mchunglow February 06, 2010
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