1. a BMW
2. a nice car
"hey, my boyfriend just got a beamer."
"that's so tite"
by bigheavenlyeyes July 22, 2005
An old Northern Irish slang word for when someone goes red with embarrassment.
Matty pulled Moley's shorts down in the middle of PE. He took a pure beamer!
by Bannwhatsit January 20, 2014
A person whose life is devoted to playing video games.

Word originates from the beaming that goes on between said beamer and the tv set on which he is playing his game.
Jim called himself a gamer; but everyone at school made fun of him calling him a beamer.
by DimDog May 8, 2007
1-Something embarrassing

2- When someone’s face goes red from being embarrassed
1- “you falling the other night, ahahah that’s a Beamer”
2- “Ooooo ur getting a Beamer”
by What.a.gal November 25, 2018
Someone who lasered you across half of the map. Usually used by FPS players.
You just got fucking Beamed, you fucking loser. I'm better Beamer.
by M X V E December 15, 2020
To Be extremely Embarrased, "Beamer" is the colour of the person's face, bright red.
Look at him man, he's got a pure beamer!
by Beamsermcgee February 23, 2005
Jane is the best in the class, she is a real beamer
by RikkiM June 6, 2017