custom-made; looking like it cost a million bucks
John's new Maybach 57 is bespoke.
by Nomedawg April 5, 2006
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One of the powerful masculin trends for 2008 in fashion. Bespoke tailoring reffers to a particularity of british fashion, but the term 'bespoke' is now extended to all life's domains, as a powerful mark of luxury, an anti-brand/ anti-globalisation reaction.
by DeeDeelia April 12, 2008
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The word Bespoke came from the 1600's and meant something had "Been spoken for."

The modern use of the word bespoke means to be custom made exactly to a customers personal preference with absolutely no level of detail or expense spared.
I went to Honk Kong to buy a beautiful bespoke tailor made suit. Even with the travel and hotel costs, it was still a fraction of the cost of what it would be to have one made by a tailor on Savile Row.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 July 26, 2018
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a gimmicky marketing term used by people of low intelligence, who can't come up with a better description of their product, to lure in other people of even lower intelligence to buy said product.
Check out or amazing collection of bespoke incontinence briefs.
by adamwearsblak July 26, 2022
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custom-made looking like it cost a million pounds a powerful mark of luxury
camikiya garments are the definition of bespoke couture along side sexy haute couture hybrid fashion
by clarity kingdom July 11, 2010
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Execuspeak for tailoring business processes or product utilization to meet the needs or demands of a client or own internal organization. Specialists investigate need to build a solution specific to meeting that need. This solution may be monetized or eventually absorbed into the globally-available product or process.
ThreadFix Services team offers bespoke optimization to satisfy your organization's specific security requirements.
by JRueStitch January 25, 2021
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"That's what she said" but in old english wording. Usualy used for extra humor during a "That's what she said" moment.
"The screw won't go in staight". "That, my lord is what she bespoke".
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