An excellent series of strategy games for the PC, using an ingenious mix on turn-based and real-time. Games include:

Shogun:Total War
Shogun Total War Expansion:Mongol Invasion
Medieval:Total War
Medieval Total War Expansion:Viking Invasion
Rome:Total War
I played a Total War game today ^_^
by NecroGrim August 28, 2005
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Total war is a conflict of unlimited proportions in which a faction mobilizes all available resources in order to destroy another faction's ability to defend it self.
Good and evil remain engaged in total war for all of time, manifesting their battle fields in many ways but always their core remain the same, love verses hatred, from slavery verses abolition too depression verses happiness, total war continues.
by Michael J. Taylor March 30, 2008
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"Total war is a neologism to describe an international war wherin countries or nations use all of their resources to destroy another organized country's or nation's ability to engage in war. The practice of total war has been in use for centuries, but it was only in the middle to late nineteenth century that total war was recognized as a separate class of warfare. Total war is most easily distinguished from other forms of warfare through a blurring and combining of strategy and grand strategy...

The most identifiable consequence of total war in modern times has been the inclusion of civilians as targets in destroying a country's ability to engage in war...

The final consequence of total war eventually became, ironically, an end to war between industrialized nations. After World War II, industrialized nations' ability to wage war between each other became terribly destructive largely due to nuclear capabilities...There could no longer be an economic impetus for war between industrialized nations. Instead, wars between industrialized nations were fought through proxy, such as the US war in Vietnam, the Six Day War, or the Soviet War in Afghanistan."
by JFern May 15, 2004
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A series of games by Creative Assembly published by Activision or Sega. There has been 5 games and 5 expansions. The games are listed according to their release dates

Shogun Total War (set in feudal Japan)
Shogun Total War Mongol Invasion (includes a Mongol Campaign)
Medieval Total War (set in medieval Europe)
Medieval Total War Viking Invasion (set in the British isles and scandinavia)
Rome Total War (set in the late Roman Reublic to the early empire)
Spartan Total Warrior (set in a historically inaccurate world where there is already a Roman empire in 300BCE)
Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion (set in the Late Roman empire during the Volkewanderung)
Rome Total War Alexander (set in Alexander the Great's campaign in Persia)
Medieval II Total War (similar to Medieval Total war but it has more playable factions and it includes the New World)
Medieval II Total War Kingdoms (contains 4 campaigns: The New World, 13th Century Britain, Crusades and Northern Crusades, releasing August 2007)
Total War rocks! I can't wait for the Kingdoms Expansion.
by nonsense! June 19, 2007
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pros only game series.

the games in this series, unlike most of Electronic Arts' games, actually get supported and aren't full of bugs when they are released. The only major problem with the games in the series has been "bad" AI (probly the best there is in any RTS games but people always want more =)

trillions of mods exist for Rome Total war, billions for Medieval 2 total war, and I cba to find out how many for shogun and medieval but its probs in the hundreds of trillions.

so where was I..oh yes, the games own, and don't suck like EA's games. also, a new game named Empire Total War is coming out, most def will be the pros only game of the century.

EA fanboy: ea is awesome, their new game actually works for 10 minutes without an error!!!
Total War Pro: Total War games by The Creative Assembly/SEGA are not sold full of bugs, and if they do get a bug then it gets patched pretty quickly.
EA fanboy: ya bt EA's gmes have cool overpowered units so u dont actually need to think, you just throw units at the enemy and you win!! u kno their newest game tey made matches only take 5-8 minutes with rushers so u could finish before u got a error!! ea rox!!
Total War Pro: you're pathetic.
by TankerOwner December 28, 2007
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Total war is a conflict of unlimited scope in which a faction mobilizes all available resources in order to destroy their rivalries ability to defend themselves.
The first documented total war was the Peloponnesian War, as described by the historian Thucydides. This war was fought between Athens and Sparta between 431 and 404 BC. Previously, Greek warfare was a limited and ritualized form of conflict. Armies of hoplites would meet on the battlefield and decide the outcome in a single day. During the Peloponnesian War, however, the fighting lasted for years and consumed the economic resources of the participating city-states. Atrocities were committed on a scale never before seen, with entire populations being executed or sold into slavery, as in the case of the island of Melos. The aftermath of the war reshaped the Greek world, left much of the region in poverty, and reduced once influential Athens to a weakened state, from which it never completely recovered.
by Michael J. Taylor March 31, 2008
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