A term used as a greeting to someone you know or someone you dont know. Comes from Indianapolis,Indiana
whats up my guy, where u been at
by B-NUTS June 11, 2006
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The man/guy that has your heart. Partner, best friend.

Which guy? My guy. To be said in a proud manner, excited tone and very "dont you wish he was yours, lucky me i know, i hope he hears this, please ask me again so i can say he's mine" explanation of you and our soul mates relationship.

"Whos guy? Mine" a way to claim your husband.

Short for, Im too tired to say my husband so Im going to use this phrase instead.

Introductory level name of endearment.
I was on a "facetime" call with jimmy a few minutes ago and he asked what i was up to, I said " hanging out with my guy".
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by October 24, 2020
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A term used in sales to take try and take ownership of a client to prevent other potential salespersons taking them on as a client. Usually a greedy salesperson who wants everyone under his wing, but can't even remember there name hence "My Guy"
Yeah that new project down the road, My Guy is working on that project.

Oh yeah that Senior Site supervisor that just started with your company is My Guy
by #1 Top Dog July 31, 2020
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A word of the meme gods only used by the worthy memesters. If you are not selected as one of these worthy by your fellow peoples you shall by sentenced to dyieth.
Person 1: Your mom gay
Person 2: My guy

Person 1: *Dies*
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