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1: A word that is often used before or after administering a warning.

2: A word used to address someone, usually a male, that is close to you.
1: Woah! that snake looks dangerous my guy.

2: How's it going my guy?
by A INTILLEKTUAL June 16, 2018

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A person who is useless at everything. They have no talent, no job and no self respect.
"Man, Robert is such a Wet ham sandwich."
Robert: *Does nothing because he is a Wet ham sandwich.*
by A INTILLEKTUAL June 25, 2018

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A joke often told by ten year olds, where saying Tardre repeatedly sounds like Retard.
Ten year old: "Say Tardre ten times."
Other kid: "Tardretardretardretardre"
by A INTILLEKTUAL June 30, 2018

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A lesser version of Wet ham sandwich. a person who is socially awkward and unmotivated to improve their situation.

A food stuff between two slices of bread which mappers to be moist.

Dude 1: "yo how come Robert doesn't get out much?"

Dude 2: "he's a wet sandwich"


Dude 3: "WTF this sandwich wet!"
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by A INTILLEKTUAL August 02, 2018

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A phenomenon when, after suffering extreme stress a human will lose the majority of their braincells. thus losing all motor functions.
John: "Hey dude, it says gullible on the ceiling."
Robert *LOOKS*
Robert: *begins writhing on the floor and screaming*
James: "what the fuck?"
John: "Autism attack."
by A INTILLEKTUAL June 16, 2018

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