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1. Highly addictive;
2. Brought about insomnia
amongst teenagers in South Africa;
3. The no. 1 cause of osteoporosis
of the thumb(due to the heavy strains applied from too much texting);
4. Yet another communication platform for all the pervs & peadophiles out there;
5. The main reason why many of us failed our
freakin' maths/english/bio/accounting/physics tests!
Boy1: "Dude, I'm so f*cked!! I didn't get to study for my physics test today, I'm so screwed! Aaaargh!!"
Boy2: "Me neitha dude...I only logged off! Oh, no!! I'm gonna fail so badly again!!" (*runs away screaming like a little b*tch*)
Nerd: (*In an evil nerdy laugh)*"Mwuahahahahaha! Another 100% for me today guys! Well, what can I say? Thank goodness I still got me that Nokia 3310 so I can't download mxit. Revenge of the nerds!! Wooooohooooo! We takin' over!"

Bad_Boy 63: "Hey luvy!"
SexyAngel_101: "Hey schnoekems :)"
Bad_Boy 63: "I just wna tel u how much I rly luv & care 4 u my baby, ur my 1 & only. I luv u alot alot mwah"
*Afta 10-15 minutes*
SexyAngel_101:"Sry bby, dc(disconnected). Wat did u say?!"

You've been invited to chat with Uncle_ButNaked666
Timmy: "Hey, wu the heck r ya?"
Uncle_ButNaked666: "Hello! I'm lookin' 4 innocent, short, stumpy boys wu wna chat wit me :) come over to my house & I'll buy u some ice-cream too. Yuuuuuuuuum! I'll be ur best friend 4ever! "
Timmy: "Oh no :0 !!!!!!"

Johnny: "Mommy, mommy look! I can't move my thumbs! They're stuck! See!!" *tries to move his hard thumbs*
Johnny's Mum: "Here here now, let me have a look at 'em" *feels the stiff thumbs* "Oh dear, you're right! We've gotta get you to a hospiatl...NOW!"
...1 hour later...
Doctor: "Okay Johhny, the tests came back positive. Looks like you've got a severe case of MTSS."
Johnny & his mom: MTSS??
Doctor: "Ah yes...Mxit Thumb Stiffness Syndrome. Caused by too many hours spent texing on Mxit."
*Johhny starts to cry like the baby he is*
Johnny's Mum: "Ow now, here here my baby. Don't you cry. Mommy's here for you"
Johhny :"Aw, thanx mama!"
*tries to give his mum a hi-5 but cannot move his thumbs*
Johnny:"I...can't...move! I'm trapped! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!"
by Relo_391 April 04, 2008
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A South African mobile instant messaging service that allows you to talk to your friends (named contacts) simultaneously. Each message costs less than a cent, making it a cheap alternative to smsing for most teenagers
I spent 3 hours on mXit today
by Missed_Minx November 08, 2006
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A croak of bull
Mxit the way it SHOULD be
1. Do’s on mxit
a. Greet .
b. Reply to messages before logging off, even if briefly.
c. Be courteous.
d. Be polite.
e. Give out personal numbers even if mom tells you noto.
2. Don’ts on mxit
a. Don’t leave 1001 offline msgs.
b. Don’t chat up more thn two ppl at the same time.
c. Don’t accept know for and answer.
d. Don’t screw up.
e. Don’t mix IT with mxit.
3. How to lose/auto-delete all your mxit contacts.
a. Let your gf answer your messages.
b. Let your mother-in-law etc. use your phone – just this once.
c. Say you are moving to Alaska then send virtual postcards.
d. Wait for a power failure.
e. Rely on a phonuter virus.
4. How to overcome mxit addiction
a. Allow your dog to chew on your charger cable.
b. Use your charger cable for an emergency repair job.
c. Ensure your phone is stolen.
d. Leave your phone unattended in a visible place.
e. Get over coming and you’ll have overcome.
5. How not to get hooked again.
a. Don’t install mxit again.
b. Go catch fish hook, line and sinker rather that cellsurfing.
c. Let your battery run down.
d. Leave your phone off the hook
e. Thumbs up!
by Hercolena Oliver April 06, 2009
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