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furry in denial: am i a furry?

99% of the brain: yesyesyesyes

1% of the brain: idk

furry in denial: i guess I'll never know.
by asxdghjkl March 9, 2022
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a man of the pipis.
"I've always ben a man of the pipis a real pipis person!" Spamton g Spamton.
by asxdghjkl September 27, 2021
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chickity clack rocks for tabletop games like dnd, pathfinder, call of cathulu, Warhammer, ext that go clickity clack when you roll to attack and make you sad when they dont agree with your plan.
player: i shoot the troll

gm: ok clickity clack roll the math rock to attack

player: .....nat 1.....

gm: your arrow flies and hits grabnack in the back of the head nocking him to 0 hit points


other player: dont blame the math rocks for your failure

player: FUCK YOU
by asxdghjkl June 3, 2021
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p03 is a floating one armed robot found in the game inscription they are the scribe of technology.

they have a screen for a face and show emotion by showing different simple faces on their screen.

they are incredibly arrogant and believe that games are all about gameplay and attempting to put more into the flavor of a game is just wasted time and energy.
person 1: is it just me that finds p03 from inscription very sexy?

person 2: for one yes and for two WHY

person 1: its just um uh.... a gut feeling?

person 2: *face palms*.
by asxdghjkl March 9, 2022
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someone with over 2000 images of them on rule34.xxx.
person 1: did you know that Jaiden Animations has over 2000 images of her on rule34.xxx?

person 2:Who The Fuck Starts A Conversation Like That? I Just Sat Down!
by asxdghjkl February 24, 2022
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A fake condition affecting bartenders passing drinks causing muscle atrophy created by Tom Scott and a game of drawing and vocal telephone with other animation youtubers
My friend worked at a bar for 3 months and passed so many beers that he got a bad case of bartenders elbow and had to rest for a week
by asxdghjkl January 8, 2021
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