Someone who is one IQ point above being legally developmentally challenged.
Wow did you see Erich relentlessly sniffing those panties? He is such a seventy-six.
by AngelOfMisery July 30, 2011
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Getting eighty-sixed from a bar but by a regular customer and not 'officially' by the bartender.
You want to go to Oak & Ale tonight, bro? Can't. I got seventy-sixed by my ex at that place.
by Socks to sock February 13, 2022
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The duty of every American to take back the possession of a corrupt and tyrannical government as defined in the Declaration of Independence.
“It looks like the government has finally overthrown our rights to free speech and to bear arms, it’s time to seventeen seventy-six the government.”
by Martyjswizzle April 10, 2022
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