When a group of gentlemen are approaching climax during a gang bang and ejaculate on a surface in a collaborative effort.
After withdrawing from the writhing women, Jake joined his friends in creating the dick mural. It was exquisite.
by LadyB84 May 06, 2017
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In the Taylor Swift fandom, this is known as the biggest scam to date by Taylor Swift and Direct tv Now. When nearing Taylor Swift's AT&T promoted pre superbowl concert, Direct tv Now planned an "incredible" livestream with amazing surprises for her fans. Because of Taylor's long running break and the months previous news that she was back in the studio, her tendency to release new music during livestreams, and AT&Ts constant "you don't want to miss it" statements, the fans anxiously expected new music. In the end, it was a flower mural where you could put a tag with your name. Nikki, our hostess, was incredibly uneducated in taylor swift and geography. Asking "is turkey a country or a nickname" and called Taylor's mom a cat as well as constant mumbling and shaking. It is known by swifties all over the world as one of the biggest let downs in the pop star's career, following RED's loss of the grammy of the year award in Jauary 2014.
1. The year is 2089
Child: grandma! here are some flowers.
Grandma: **flashback to the great flower mural incident of 2017**
person 1: wow, that's dissapointing
person 2: Not as dissapointing as the great flower mural incident of 2017
by miley what's good February 06, 2017
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"We thought TS6 was being announced but all we got was a flower mural."
by Malw February 04, 2017
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When a man or men ejaculate on a woman creating the look and feel of a mural.
I made a jizz mural on her face.
by estabonjovie April 11, 2016
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When a dude pulls out and ejaculates on the partner's back
I tried to give my girlfriend a Hawaiian mural last night but she said there was no way.
by JangleFett November 02, 2015
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To decorate with a mural

To decorate any surface with large, gaudy figures (surreal, unreal or real), without leaving room to imagine the original surface, decorative and pleasing to the eye. Not Beautality.
They wall is way bland, let's muralate it.

That is not graffiti, the wall has been muralated
by Nards_OTC August 18, 2007
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