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When the average person can't compete with your level of intelligence. It's a huge turn-on for a woman to have above average intelligence
She's way too smart, how am i supposed to get her to like me?
by GOD517 April 21, 2018
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Intelligence can be broken down into several categories. One human being can have a certain amount of intelligence in one category while another could lack such intelligence but be stronger in another category. It's all about discovering what type of intelligence you have! Many people think it's simply how quickly you learn something or how much you know in general but that's only a portion of what intelligence is. Truthfully, There is no such thing as being "too intelligent". The brain doesn't have a limited capacity and part of having a strong/healthy mind is being open-minded about learning new things. A Powerful Brain/Mind is truly a beautiful thing.

Another part of intelligence is being able to handle adversity or adapt to a plethora of situations, which usually takes practice/experience. Some people feel like they are unintelligent due to making a lot of mistakes or some other negative factor in their lives like another person insulting you. The truth is, everyone makes mistakes regardless of how intelligent they are, however truly intelligent people work to make sure they don't make the same mistakes again.

If you're weak in one category you should work on strengthening it. People will respect you more if you're open with them on certain topics you don't have much knowledge of

I hope this cleared some things up. Remember to never shy away from a learning opportunity and remember that organ in your head has limitless potential... man intelligence is sexy!!
Intelligence doesn't have a limit, as long as you stay open-minded.
by GOD517 June 4, 2018
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Simple... You find brains sexy.
I'm more attracted to her mind than her body, i guess I'm sapiosexual.
by GOD517 May 21, 2018
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When you have a sexy brain, you're extremely smart to the point where people want to sleep with you because of it. A brain can be the sexiest body part if you train it to be that way
by GOD517 April 21, 2018
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A Mural is any painting or artwork executed on a wall. Graffiti is an example
That mural is a representation of the crimes and wrong-doings done in this city
by GOD517 June 4, 2018
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