Small person, more affectionately know as a midget
look down there, there are fucking Munchkin's everywhere, little bastards!

Look at that Munchkin over there, lets go and kick him in the swede
by Chris Lomas August 18, 2006
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There is a very distinct difference between a munchkin and a paragamer...Munchkins play to win.
My roommate's boyfriend talks about munchkins all the time. He plays to win.
by Crotchity Critch October 06, 2004
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Leander: Bye-bye munchkin
Megan: I take great offense to that!
Leander: No, it's a good thing, it's a cute fluffy furball, my friend told me so.
Megan: Ohh, ok. I see now!
by Magoo! December 31, 2008
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a lil kid that realy pisses you off by being able to do everything better then you... Take snowboarding for instance... your screeming down the slope and this 5 year old on a 3foot long board will scream past you doing aobut 500mph.. usuly the decided to turn right infront of you witch means you have to take avoiding action..


a newb to a pc game that just acts like a twat most of the time.. goes around TKing on throwing nades at themselvs lol
'Omfg what a munchkin!'
by Deano February 12, 2004
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