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To wrap the penis in toilet paper then rub one out.
Man, mummifying really saves clean up time!
by Jeffronica June 03, 2006
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A method of guessing on a multiple choice test that involves looking at the position of the second hand. If the hand is between 12 and 3 the guess is A. If the hand is between 3 and 6 the guess is B. Between 6 and 9 guess C. Between 9 and 12 guess D.
I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
by ET4444 November 12, 2007
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When you shit on someones face and in their mouth, to the point of where they can no longer breathe, you get bonus points if it dries up to give the real effects of a mummy
Man she looks like an ancient egyptian, she must have been mummify.
by BIG G! October 17, 2007
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A corollary of "superman," mummifying involves ejaculating on a sleeping woman's face, then wrapping her in toilet paper. The ejaculate bonds the paper to the skin, thus producing the appearance of a mummy.
Mark's girlfriend was sleeping, so he decided to mummify her. When she awoke, the fringes of paper were falling off her face, and she was moaning from sleep. She was mummified in every sense of the word.
by Daniel Winer March 18, 2008
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