To be the most stoned you ever been and basically cant move
Bro im so fried rn and i cant get up.

Damn bro you Mummified
by Yung Fiji Fre$h January 16, 2021
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When a skank sucks every single ounce of bodily fluid from your existence. She sucks the soul from your being, even. You are then mummified.
Dude, Selina sucked my dick so well. I was mummified.
by RDJoe June 16, 2016
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a snout (penis) thats been wrapped in cloth for its own protection from a bobbiting maniac
i am mummified thanks to the phycho lorena bitch
by snipper October 22, 2005
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cumming on a girl and taping her whole body.
mummified is a two step process. First, when having sex cum as much as u can on a girl if u need more people add more guys to help. Second, when you have cummed all over the female tape up her whole body, with the cum still on her
by Q-T, Tk, Smokey alot of pot October 21, 2009
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To wrap the penis in toilet paper then rub one out.
Man, mummifying really saves clean up time!
by Jeffronica June 4, 2006
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when fuckin in the ass and about to cum you pull out and spit on their back and they turn thinking that you're done and you shoot 'em right in the eyes and they walk around witht their arms out.
I was fucking my girlfriend in the ass and I spit on her back and she turned around and I mummified her. She walked around for five minutes looking for something to rinse her eyes out.
by legault October 2, 2005
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A corollary of "superman," mummifying involves ejaculating on a sleeping woman's face, then wrapping her in toilet paper. The ejaculate bonds the paper to the skin, thus producing the appearance of a mummy.
Mark's girlfriend was sleeping, so he decided to mummify her. When she awoke, the fringes of paper were falling off her face, and she was moaning from sleep. She was mummified in every sense of the word.
by Daniel Winer March 18, 2008
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