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A game kids (mostly boys) used to play on the playground where they stand with their feet shoulder width apart whilst throwing a pocket knife point down between their own feet. The boy who gets closest wins. Getting the knife in your foot is an automatic win.
You remember Jim Bob Cletus Scroggins? He got all them scars on his foot by playin' mumblypeg!
by dentar September 14, 2009
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A game played with a large knife and a big space. 2 opponents stand approximately 10 feet part with feet together. One player flips the knife (preferably a large black combat knife) wide of the other players feet, in an attempt to leave it planted, blade first in the ground. Where the blade is stuck, becoms the new location for one of the opposing players feet. A shot on each side of the body effectively spreads the legs of the opponent. When the opponent loses balance, falls, is unable or unwilling to make his feet reach a new mark is deemed the loser and ridiculed mercilessly.
a. Flipping the knife close to the genital region in order to force the other player to flinch is acceptable.
b. However, actuallly hitting said region is forbidden and will result in everyone around mercilessly bludgeoning the life out of said attacker.
This is a drinking game. Any modifications involving alcohol are permissable and even encouraged.
1)Playing while holding a drink and attempting to balance and not spill.
2)Taking a shot/drink for each knife landing of your opponent
3)Loser drinks
While camping for PS3's we drank tattoo from the bottle, smoked ancient weed, and played mumbly peg at 3am in the freezing cold. Twas a good night altogether.
by They call me Polar January 14, 2007
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