A amazing last name which only rich people have. That have a very kind heart and are trillionairs that give money to the poor and live on the moon.
Hey that Scroggins is rich.
by I sit next to Kate November 11, 2018
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A small hairy creature like something you would find in harry potter. its part squirrel and part spider. it makes a raspy hight pitched screeching noise that can get very annoying. its kind of a poof ball with 8 legs, claws, little squirrel ears. very small and can multiply quickly! the only way to kill them is to stomp on them but even that can prove difficult because of they are quick little buggers! by the way they have teeth and will bite!

can also be called a Scrogdor.
person one: Oh my gosh there is a scroggins on my head get it!!!

person two: I can't its to fast and i don't want it to bite me it could have rabies or something!
by little Dancer May 8, 2009
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"I got scroggins all over my bedsheets!"

"I scrogged all over my ceiling! Where's the goo-be-gone?"
by garfhdg November 2, 2008
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Trail mix, Gorp, etc.

One backronym is Sultanas, Chocolate, Raisins and Other Goody-Goodies Including Nuts.

Nuts provide sustainability and protein, the dried fruit provided carbohydrates and the chocolate and other goody-goodies are there for that quick pick-me up when you need the energy to climb a hill.

Used by hikers, mountain bikers, skiiers, mountaineers, kayakers and many more outdoor enthusiasts. Often stored in zip-lock bags.
Hey dude pass the scroggin, quit eating all the chocolate!
by Justcameron April 1, 2008
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(v.) The act of intercourse, often comical, that involves a sexual position that resembles video footage from the Animal Planet. Often orgies that end in disgust or violence are the result of a good scroggin'.
Look at them two bullfrogs scroggin'.

Damn, where's the water hose Ray and Reeta are scroggin' on the keg again.
by Jerry Kurl November 7, 2006
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