Largest city in India, capital of the state of Maharashtra. Was founded by the Portuguese in the late sixteenth century, who originally named the area "Bom Bahia" (Good Bay); in the seventeenth century it was ceded to the British as part of a dowry by the Portuguese royal family when one of their daughters married Charles II. "Bom Bahia" was eventually corrupted to "Bombay," a more Anglicized spelling of the original name. In the centuries that followed, it grew rapidly into one of the most important cities in India, particularly as a hub of the textile and leather tanning industries. Now it is the financial capital of the subcontinent, one of the most diverse cities in India, home to some of the richest and poorest people in the nation. In the 1990s Bombay was renamed "Mumbai," a more Hindi-sensitive equivalent of its old name. It is characterized by excellent examples of British colonial architecture, sprawling slums and shantytowns, large office towers, and some of the most expensive highrise apartment buildings in the world.

Mumbai is home to almost 12 million people.
by mitul May 1, 2006
Picking up a woman, thinking she is of Mexican descent only to find out after sex that she is from India.
I picked up this chick at closing time and later, while I was asleep, she defragged my PC.
It was a total Mumbai Sombrero.
by Branden Montenegro January 27, 2013
When you eat curry and produce a toilet-filling shit. Usually caused by sloppy, dirties curry which the stomach can't digest.
Nathan: "Boy did I eat a very bad curry last night, very bad indeed."
Jacob: "You might have a case of Mumbai Madness!"
by Thicc Boi Al September 5, 2017
The inevitable, hot, runny, and extremely smelly result of eating curry-laden Indian food. See "Bombay Mudslide" (Bombay is now called Mumbai).
My God, I bearly made it to the bathroom before my Mumbai Mudslide clogged the toilet.
by RealBurned June 13, 2013
The team which is lead by the king Rohit Sharma.
He made this team with his hard work. Under his captaincy Mumbai Indians won 5 ipl trophies
This team is biggest t20 team ever.
Every franchises fan base is jealous of this team's success that's why everytime they trolled this team by taking ambani's name to satisfy their ego

Every franchises should have a leader like Rohit Sharma
Mumbai Indians @urbandictionary
by Ha to ab bol na January 15, 2021
The G.O.A.T franchise of IPL. Mumbai Indians is the team that will beat World T20 champion team by 10 Wickets, with the help of their Backup's Backup
by Randomran January 15, 2021