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The level of attitude given off from one's Mullet - usually measured from 0-10.
"Damn, look at that fool...he has a Camaro Mullet. I give him a mulletude of 8."
by D. Ferrel September 29, 2003
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The mentallity and behavior associated with any person having mullet. Levels of mulletude vary among all mullets.
signs of mulletude include dominating bar fights, listening to buttrock, molesting children and relatives, drinking PBR
by dioisgod April 24, 2003
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1) wrongheaded confidence;
2) a sense of style that is neither stylish nor sensible;
3) eternally pugilistic despite having lost all previous fights
The lead guitarist played the solo with such passionate mulletude that we had to leave the bar with our hands covering our ears.
by Winston Smith September 12, 2003
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(noun) A variation of 'multitude,' this word refers to the mullet -wearing, NASCAR - watching, cheap cigarette-smoking rednecked masses that make up most of the population of Indiana, southern Michigan, and much of the rest of the American Midwest and South.
Jeff Foxworthy is an icon to the great mulletude of America's blue-collar workers.
by Omra Ni Rosach October 14, 2005
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The attitude that comes with having a mullet. Typically includes a love of muscle cars, 80s heavy metal bands, cheesy action movies, bar fights, denim vests, cheap American beer (Budweiser, Busch, Schlitz, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Etc) camouflage, trashy women, motorcycles, and knives.
Person 1:Did you see that? That dumbass wigger kid told that guy with that mullet that Dio sucks, and the mullet guy pulled a butterfly knife on him and the wigger pissed his pants and ran away.

Person 2: Damn, that guys got major mulletude.

Person 1: We should hang out with him.
by MulletOfMetal November 15, 2016
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