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The Muharrem are a rare breed of people from the Ottoman Empire they were known to have penis which when flaccid around 30m on avarage when endangered their penis would then become errect this would then lead to the penis to then grow up to 15km this wouldn be able to kill anyone this because by pulling back the foreskin it had 2 modes pulling it back and fourth rapidly would lead to it working like a minigun and a heavy pull back would lead to it working a sniper. They were always ready to fight as their was a great food shortage so they were always hunted for their meat. They were never stop as a bread the ‘dick sniper spermozo 2300’ which it is now called is a technique they would use when looking for an enemy it would reach a radius of 300 miles and could drown anyone if they were hit by the sperm because of this survival they still walk the earth now, but some don’t make the most of what they have
Girl: Damn your dicks big
Man: yeah thanks but it’s no muharrem
by A1B9C6 June 28, 2018
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