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A female (usually white but can be any colour/persuasion)that chases and sleeps with black males.
That dirter is nothing but a mudpuppy for chopping Denzel.
by Snoopwogg August 26, 2004
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A derogatory term used to describe the mixed race offspring of a multi-racial couple.
"Here comes another fat ugly white chick and her 5 ft. 4 inch tall wetback husband. Oh how nice, they even have a mud puppy."
by zombiemaster666 July 13, 2009
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When a girl does anal and she shits on your dick and then she sucks it off
Bro my girl gave me the nastiest Mud Puppy that was the sloppiest thing I've ever seen
by Domtheslaher April 08, 2017
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The strange feeling of being stuck to the ground one gets when one has jumped up and down on a trampoline and later gets of from the trampoline and tries to jump up and down on the ground.
Hey john try jumping on the ground after jumping on that trampoline you get that strange mudpuppy feeling.

by user157 April 21, 2009
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