Abbreviated for the phrase, "Mobile Upload." Most commonly used on Facebook. Only those deeply affiliated with Mobile Uploads can use it. "Mupload" is the immature form of M.U.
That's such a cute m.u.! Let's upload it!
by musforeveR!!!! January 26, 2010
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Multi-user: Multiple users.
Often used for online games or puzzles, originally for one person, that has been adapted or recreated for multiple users.
- Collaborative
- anything implying multiple users

See also MUD (Multi User Dimension, Dungeon or Domain)
Multi user game, Multi user version, Multi user solitaire card game.
by yupp October 28, 2007
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A short way to say me and you. Not many uses, if you are gramatically correct, but who is?
Mu got in so much fucking trouble that day.
by XtfotX January 22, 2009
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1. hayy.. gusto ko tanggalin m.u ko..
2. cant take off my m.u

kris 3:56:45 AM
di ko nagawa mg bura ng m.u ko
by gagongdj December 06, 2010
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The name of a almighty god in an Rpg that can not be beaten. If you think of a way to stop hime he'll just trump your character anyway. Created by the Wing of Yig
"Mu is the immortal god of darkness."
by TimeStand July 26, 2004
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