Mother Texting Firetrucker - an expletive phrase created by Winona for her mother Helena in response to her constant use of chatspeak to text, comment on facebook, & other social networks like a teenager despite being 45 years old. It employs the use of the firetruck word in lieu of the more inflammatory word created when one drops the "iretr" from the middle of "firetruck".
Helena: lolz! ur funny! cu l8r, k?

Winona: MTF...
by LakotaGirl May 26, 2012
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MtF is short for Male to Female, meaning that someone who was assigned male at birth has gone through surgery to be female since they are happier that way.
Oh, Sarah's MtF, so she's definitely coming to the pride parade.
by Straw_Loki September 13, 2020
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Make Trade Fair.
Commonly used by Coldplays Chris Martin, as well as an equal sign written on his left hand.
person 1-How come the economy is so fucked?
person 2-Because people don't understand, they should just MTF.
by sarahmad June 09, 2006
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Mercenary Tree Freaks. MTF is an acronym for 1990's UK indie band.
Did you go to the MTF gig last night?
by GPlus September 09, 2006
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Gay Pre-op Trany born gender neutral but with parts both upstairs & downstairs... a little bit of both if you will. Some parts nipped, some parts tucked. If you drink enough alcohol you won't know what your dealing with or what goes where.
"I Toats hooked up with that pre-op MTF last night but I don't know who banged who & I'm a little sore on the backside"
by Sinners Like Me November 25, 2020
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MTF issa group of sexxy men who can hoop !

they all got them bitches too , so don’t try nun !
wowww are they in mtf “ ?
by Sweevo March 27, 2020
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