Medical Acronym (usually the ER) for Metabolize To Freedom. Meaning letting a drunk or high person sober up till they can walk out.
pt medically clear. dispo after mtf.
by Ratchet, RN July 21, 2010
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MTF stands for Male To Female. This term refers to a Woman who either identifies or has transitioned from male to female.
Question: "What gender do you identify as?"
Answer: "I identify as a MTF woman."
by A_little_interested February 09, 2020
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More Than Friends. People who are close in nature but are not dating. Also reference fuckbuddies and friends with benefits.
Fred: "Is it just me or are ya'll really close?"
Me: "Yeah but it's nothing serious. We're MTF."
Fred" "MTF??? What the hell?"
Me: "yeah, MTF... you know, more than friends???"
by DrakeVanBuren November 03, 2010
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pro:Fuck you mtf!

n00b:Mtf Wat Lol

random:Whats mtf?

pro:Mtf is mother fucked lolinternets lol




pro:boom headshot mtf.

by Enthralling April 11, 2008
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MTF has a VERY high potency, One of the BEST type's of weed in the US. MTF (Matanuska Thunder Fuck!) is rare because it is grown out in "The Valley" (A.K.A Matanuska-Susitna or Mat-sue) of ALASKA!
Tourist: Aye homie I need a dime bag of this magic weed "MTF" I keep hearin bout.

Alaskan: NIGGA, DIME BAG!? You can have this shit(MTF) here by the Eighth, Ounce or Quarter. I dont break bags foo. This shit here is M T F.
by Byron Yesno December 03, 2008
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The abbreviation of, most commonly, mother fuck. When used with an exclamation point instead of a question mark, it becomes an exclamation of amazement, confusion, disbelief, ect.
Guy #1: Dude! I'm going to the hell with u MTF!

Guy #2: Motherfuck, man... i dont want to go to hell.
by Rayraylee July 10, 2010
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1) Male To Female Transgender / Transsexual.

2) Mobile Task Force For You Special Lil Army Birds Out There.

3) Mother The Fries!
1) Person: *Comes Out Online As Trans, Without Revealing Gender At Birth*

Fan: Are You MTF Trans Or FTM Trans.

2) The MTF Will Secure The Threat.

3) Mother, The Fries! They’re Burning!
by Dick Dyke Duh. July 10, 2019
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