An abbreviation of MIDI Production Center, a line of samplers/sequencers designed by the Japanese company AKAI. The MPC has become very closely associated with hip-hop and many producers claim to use an MPC.
What you use to make those beats pa?

An MPC60

by whoknows28 April 26, 2007
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Massive Power Cock, not a massive cock, but a cock with a massive amount of power, theres no oxford comma here!
Woah baby, jam that MPC in mah butt, Daddy needs some arse destruction! Make that bitch smoke!
by playslikebuttah November 08, 2017
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(n) abbreviation for "miles per calorie," a term often used by vegetarians with a high metabolism who seek foods that are both healthy and packed with significant energy--and that stave off appetite
"That apricot-glazed tempeh and arugula sandwich was ethically delicious."

"Yeah, but its mpc sucks. We just left the restaurant and I'm already starving."
by neitzschehope September 30, 2009
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a collection of amateur and professional coders who modifies multiplayer games, usually fps, to gain advantage over other online gamers. there doesn't seem to be any online fps they don't have an answer for.
GAMER: cheat! you killed 30 soldiers in 5 seconds. you got aimbot!
MPC CHEAT: i'm no cheat. i only have a wallhack, and it's not active.
ROOKIE: hey, where can i get this "wallhack" thing?
MPC CHEAT: dunno, what's a wallhack?
by cookiecutter August 08, 2006
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(n) Stands for Moist Panty Cunt; It is quite possibly the best way to piss off that slutty bitch in your life.
Person A: She's such a bitch, but even worse than that.
Person B: Yeah she's a regular MPC...
by icemorebutts January 15, 2008
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Married Person to Married Person Crush: When faithful married people have a crush on other married people without the complications and alienation of affections associated with an actual affair.
When Jill met Norman at the business convention, they hit it off whith each other so well that regardless of the fact that they were both married, they allowed themselves the innocent pleasure of being eachothers' MP to MPC.
by Edmund Hathaway March 08, 2008
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