Derived from the book, "Of Mice and Men" mouse can refer to someone dumber than Larry, particularly a blonde skank who thinks shes smart, but is dumb as fuck. A mouse often make damickey or outrageous comments that once made, are instantly used to pick on said mouse. The mouse typically makes friends with the smartest person in the nearby vicinity(The George of the situation), as it could not survive on its own. (What a dumb bitch). As we know, even with a smart friend, Larry eventually will be killed. Therefore, we can conclude that the mouse is worthless, and should be removed as soon as possible.
Guy 1: That girl that sits behind you in Calculus is so dumb.
Guy 2: Yeah, she is such a mouse.
Mouse: What't a mouse?
Guy 1 + 2: Nothing you fucking slut.

Later that day:

Mouse: George, I don't understand.
George: That's because you are a mouse.
Mouse: No, I am a female.
George: Shut the fuck up... Mouse.
by TeamDank February 20, 2013
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The perfect companion for an Ilsa. Also known as a Richard or a Rhaha.
Lonely sad girl: Aw, I wish I had a mouse.
Lindsay: I have one! He's cute and horny all the time. ^^
Little girl: My mommy says she hates mice, we have them in our house.
by Lindsay Rose December 13, 2007
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A Furry little mammal that does nothing useful except eat your food and shit and piss all over your house and spread diseases, and they make great cat food lol (cats catch them)
Theres a fucking mouse in the house again gotta set some traps, get the gun :)
by coondog1234 July 23, 2008
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a female out for your money ("cheese"), a gold digger
"damn stacy ive heard about her thats a mouse for real"
by Ganksta March 12, 2003
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a person in any context.
me: what up mouse

you: just chillin and grillin, how about them mouses are they coming over?
by fisk mastre April 28, 2009
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The act of tea bagging while fully erect.Dropping ones balls on anothers head or shoulder while "hard". Thus creating a long shaft or "nose"and floppy ears resembling those of a mouse.
You have just been moused by your buddy.
by Daeg Odinson November 17, 2010
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