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Contrary to popular belief, mice really aren't all that crazy about cheese. Sure, they might eat it if there's nothing else around -- a hungry mouse can't be too picky -- but it's far from his favorite food.

If you happen to have a pet mouse, keep in mind that feeding him cheese could even be harmful as cheese is not a natural part of the mouse diet. Stick to fresh fruits and veggies along with high quality mouse pellets to maximize nutrition, with a few sweets and grains thrown in as an occasional treat.
This mouse cheese in the trap is sure to catch no mice
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by 123blip June 18, 2018
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Mouse cheese is similar to dick cheese, except from a vagina, generally caused by a yeast infection. Alternately, it is another term for mousetrap cheese or tasteless cheese of questionable quality (although mice don't even really like cheese that much).

Both of these cheeses are decidedly NOT good eats, so don't ya put it in your mouth.
Mika: I wanted to go down on her but all I found was mouse cheese
Ika: That grilled cheese was nasty! It must have been made with mouse cheese.
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by Shay Dee June 20, 2018
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