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Someone who is kind and yet an asshole at the same time, but still manages to win the women over with his good looks and fun personality. Someone who is crazy. Someone who is beautiful. Someone who doesnt care of what others think of them, however still lets others influence them once within their presence (makes the person somewhat two faced). A person who can make someone happy and sad within two seconds time. Motty can be someone that will stay in your heart forever, or can be a person that'll wish you never met.
Person1: Did you see motty yesterday?
Person2: Yeah, he/she made me cry at night but then i forgot about it the next morning.
by Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy July 15, 2006
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a fit bird, pussy, gash etc.

also used as a name for people who get a lot of motty, or who dont, just to make fun
"ahhh man, i got some fiiine motty last night"

"eurgh... where's Motty got his hands??"
by mottylover March 20, 2006
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