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Off-road motorsport involving small capacity (50 - 600cc) two and four stroke motorcycles with massive suspension. Motocross originated from flat grasstrack racing on unduating terrian which increasingly involved humps, bumps, and jumps, to the point that today's modern tracks are almost totally man-made courses that sees competitors challenged by the obstacles almost as much as other riders.

Motocrosss as a sport is a balance between fitness and skill. More like tennis or soccer than marathon running or archery, a successful motocross rider must have fast reflexes; a wiry, supple strength; enough endurance for the rider to perform at lactate threshold intensity for 30-60 minutes; bike handling skills learned from hundreds or even thousands of hours of practice; and enough daring and confidence in their ability to tackle the most dangerous obstacles without fear of concequence.
So it was like, Whoa! Check the killer quads coming outa the back straight! I just knew I needed to be in front of Jimbob before we hit them, he couldn't handle his quads, and I didn't wanna be tailing him... If he holeshotted, I'd have to try to take him out over the whoops in the second straight... He'd understand and be cool about it. This IS Motocross after all.
by Reefy February 24, 2006

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