1)the second female parental unit for urban african americans the first being their moms. the others being theys grams,grandmas.
2)adjective, noun, verb, adverb, and any other method to massacare the english language by the coloreds that can be uttered by the "ignant"
watch any movie with Samuel Jackson or listen to any rap album mother fucker
by jcoa December 7, 2005
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Sarah jane is a fat mother fucker
Sarah Jane Wallace is Such a mother fucker that she works at Dunkin Donutsand she eats all the donuts everyday and she gains 400 pounds a week.
by worst enemy February 20, 2005
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So I was in my bed and Jamie walked in on me and called me a mother fucker
by Tyreak May 5, 2009
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Mother fucker! I stubbed my toe! Mother fucker!
by Ronnoc Yadim October 26, 2020
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A term for playing a nasty joke, or getting someone back for being a douchebag, while they are having sex, preferably while they yell and grunt/moan. Their mom is secretly dialed on facetime and all of a sudden they are getting some FaceTime with their mom.
Kyle was a nice and friendly Californian, and a generally well-respected young fellow. But, as he grew up he became somewhat of a large douchebag, showing his panties to everyone and ruining other people's lives. One day, Kyle took a particularly steamy poo in the bathroom, and, being a douchebag yelled; "I'm washing my face, cocksucker!", thinking he was hilarious. But, his one-night stand did not think his steamy-poop-taking-panty-showing-ass was so hilarious. Result; The Mother-Fucker.
by TInaFeyJacobson June 4, 2018
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