a man/woman who fucks some ones mother.
is used in a diss towards some one.
you are a motherfucker. or
fuck you, you mother fucker,
go fuck your mother.
by ben haigh June 11, 2006
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now a common versatile term used to describe almost every situation that we are involved in, or was involved with, may be involved in.
I can be used as a replacement fullstop , a commer and definitly an explenation mark.
being on home detention drives you to doing random motherfuckn shit on internet at ungodly times of the motherfuckn nite, its a motherfucker.
On reflection going to jail was more of a mother fucker, as you dont have access to do random motherfuckn shit like this.
I never want to put myself in this motherfuckn dumb situation as it turns your life into a real motherfucker.
I even got some motherfuckn tattoos put on my motherfuckn self to remind me to stop being such a dumb motherfuckn MOTHER FUCKER
by Argononius January 4, 2011
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Mother Fucker is a word to call someone to make them feel bad and it is also used to show someones anger. It is also use to tell some that they had sex with a mom. It is a bad word that you shouldn't use.
"Your a Mother Fucker!"

"You have sex with a lot of moms you Mother Fucker."
by maxextra4355 February 23, 2012
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A person with an unnaturally close relationship with the female half of their parentage.
You sir, are a mother fucker.
by Miss Boomshackalackalacka August 27, 2006
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... you fucked your mother.. therefore you are a MOTHER FUCKER... QED
by Cobolt December 15, 2004
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The word when said, may indicate that is going to be a difficult situation, a hard time, or something is, or will be, happening to them (you or everyone) that is bad (we guess), a bad day, a bad time or perhaps a stressful situation. This expression is more often said by the Black, so-called African-American, Negro race more often than other races, and is sometimes heard as an expression or expressed for some unknown reason to everyone around leaving everyone to wonder what is going wrong in this person's life.
Jack, a homeless Negro man, awakened from his sleep after a night sleep in a homeless shelter and says to Toby... "Today is going to be a mother fucker!"

Toby… yep!
by Billy BullSchitter April 22, 2016
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what kk and doom classify most of those that exsist around them. assholes like Uncle Funkalunkel fit into this catagory, for they like to talk alot of shit but can not back it up.
That piece of shit Uncle Funkalunkel is one dumb ass mother fucker.
by James Bourne February 19, 2004
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