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When a guy goes hunting with a girl then proceeds to have sex with her doggie style, while fucking her he has his gun on her back. When a deer walks by he grabs his gun and fires a round into the deer and girl simultaneously due to all the excitement.
My friend Andy went hunting the other day with his girl and pulled a mosley, he got a 8 pointer out of the deal.
by Jeff Briggs April 01, 2009
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to scrape up or essentially create a substance from nothing or what seemed to be nothing
I just mosley'd up a a bunch of coke out of nothin'
by Dnied December 12, 2012
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Oswald Mosley was an English politician who beleived in fascism and created the BUF. He proposed to a lady... she said no so he raped her, then her mother, after his wifes death he also had sex with her sister. Can mean raped or owned
I just Mosley'd that noob!
I'm going to Mosley that fool!!
You hear about Will and Matt? They Mosley'd the Thompson's daughter then munged her!!
by Peachie November 26, 2007
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a small rodent like creature with a flat head, originally discovered in finland rummaging through local dustbins. there species is very similar to that of a sandwich.
"get out of my bin you dirty mosley!!!"
by ChArLiE Hi January 23, 2007
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