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A very popular city in Mississippi not to mention Biloxi. and being a Mississippian for more than half my life YES I was born and raised in Mississippi we are not racist maybe in the fucking past BUT NOT ANY MORE BITCH! At least half of our school were African Americans. It's very beautiful has a lot of history. gets a lot of tourists and is the only city I will live in without being fucking mad all the time. Lots of places to go to and just sit around having fun or watching others have fun. ex. Marine Life Ocean Aquarium, Ship Island, Lynn(sp?) Meadows, The Gulf, and many other places. I'd do anything to live down there again. There was never a dull time. With all the friendly kids and adults living there. and I've never been to such a fun church as the one I used to go to. Never in my life did I find a church that was as fun as that one. Our city litterally never slept. You go outside 3 in the morning people are still driving around in cars or doing something outside. Well maybe not the outside thing but the city was one of the busiest I've seen.
me: Gulfport, Mississippi is one of the best places to go! oh and I lovvveeee New Orleans!!
person who's never been to either: Mississippi is sooo racist and uneducated!
me: okay bitch Mississippi may of been fucking racist in the fucking past BUT EXPLAIN TO ME HOW I HAVE TONS OF AFRICAN AMERICAN FRIENDS IF I'M SO RACIST!
person who's never been to either: that's because you're to uneducated to know you're racist.
me: *punchs person* am I so uneducated that I didn't know you needed a good punching?! I am very educated and quit talking about a fucking state you've never fucking been to.*punches person again then leaves*
by Whasername September 02, 2006
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