One who can consume large amounts of alcohol without consequences such as vomiting, passing out, urinating oneself.
A mosier never pukes.
by chevhead93 July 8, 2015
To withdraw support at the last minute. Abandon with little notice.
Hey, I have to leave early today.
Ooooo, you just Mosiered!!!

Hey, I can't come into work today.
Damn! I just got Mosiered!
by Iceman22881 February 27, 2009
a man or woman who is of bigger size who cannot get dudes/females
"He aint get hoes he a Mosier"
by AzamiPrime November 30, 2022
An exquisite cocktail made from apple crown, cranberry juice and sprite over ice! Guaranteed to drop panties!
Mosier juice had the bitches all wet and hemo their panties!
by Dmo$ December 5, 2018