hemo - adj/n - One who is characterized by two distinct visual cues: homosexuality and emo-ness.

n - one replete with hemo-ness
Katie: "Look at that hemo crying in the corner of the gay bar."

Joe: "What a fucking hemo loser. He probably likes getting trained while slitting his wrists."

Katie: "Stop, you're making me horny."
by urmomma42 April 7, 2006
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All emos because they wear tight jeans cry and are soft so that make them homos to hence hemo add the h-emo
That kid is such a hemo.
by chamofloge chamellion August 6, 2008
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An emo homosexual, typically used as a joking insult between friends.
Person A: omg, did you see Rihanna with that emo haircut?
Person B: yeah, she looks like a total hemo.
by bluetealeaf October 9, 2021
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Mix of hipster and emo
oh my god did you see that girl? she's so hemo
by Hja126 January 9, 2016
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An emo kid who wishes he/she was a vampire or is extremely obsessed with vampires.
If all you write is poetry moping about how you want to be a vampire, you might be a hemo.
by mordredlefay December 3, 2010
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A sad and depressed individual who cuts himself with a dick.
The hemo samurai was so distraught at the result of the battle that he committed seppuko on a shark phallic.
by 6Matt66 October 16, 2007
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