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A person, generally a man, who has openly and officially declared a desire for more sex. Often accompanied by a variety of loudly announced self-improvements, and viewed by partners (if any), as an increased cheat risk, though this isn't necessarily the case. Just damn motivated, that's all
Dude: Dave hurt his back.
Other dude: Huh? What'd dumbass do?
Dude: Lifting weights.. He's a mosexual
Other dude: Oh shit..
Dude: No no.. not gay. Just wants more sex. He's motivated
by mosexual September 22, 2009
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Shorthand slang for "homosexual"; generally used in a humorous tone, by other gay men.
Do you see that guy's jeans!? Oh my god, he is a raging mosexual!
by joesmith40 September 15, 2006
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