Mos Def is many things. In everyday lingo, Mos def is an abbreviation that can mean "Most definitely"(1) wich originated from the ghetto but like every other gansta term has evolved inti something widely used by young and filthy rcih white kids.

Mos Def in the music and film industry is the pseudonym of Dante Smith(2). Quasi legendary emcee who's soulfoul approach to hip hop and unique style has made him one of hip hops heavy hitters. He and Talib Kweli are known to collaborate alot, even making Black Star. Mos Def is also a pretty good actor who appeared in the remake of "The Italian Job" and the still in production "The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy".

Last a probably least, Mos Def is a brand of urban clothing(3). Most of they're stuff is pretty basic, but pretty cool. Hell, I'd pay for a sweatshirt that says "Mos Def"

Last and probably least,
1-Crack Peddler: "HEY BITCH! You wanna suck my cock for a crack rock?"
Crack Whore:"Mos def!"

2-Man Mos Def is ill, but he was really pushing his luck with his newest album.

3-Guy 1:Hey look, is that a "Mos Def" brand sweatshirt?

Guy 2: *Looking at sweatshirt clearly labeled "MOS DEF"* man, you're lucky I dont have my trusty 2 by four to beat yo ass.
by mrpopenfresh March 05, 2005
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mos def a.k.a Black Dante a.k.a Dante Smith is an artist who shows plenty talents in singing,emceeing,and acting.
did u hear "the new danger" by mos def?
by kaya April 06, 2005
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A poet and a great MC. Though his acting in the Alicia Keys video not so great. Check him out.
The mighty Mos Def, him and Kweli make a dynamic Duo.

They got Biggie and 2pac/
Too much violence in hip hop/
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 25, 2005
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The highest possible degree to which one can be Def. The is no higher level possible to which one can be def, therefore mos def is the epitamy of defness. There is only one known person to have achieved a true mos def status, that person, formerly known as Date Terrel Smith, then adopted the name of Mos Def upon pushing through the plateau. This level of deafness is the epitamy of hip hop culture.
At one point in my life, i believed that i could possibly be mos def, unfortunately after further review i realized that i was just a trick ass mark.
by Pappa Horace November 07, 2007
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As coined by the legendary rapper himself, "Mos-Def" refers to a thing, person, experience etc which is "mos" (or most, hugely, a lot), "def" (excellent, awesome; NOT short for 'definitely').
Mos-Def's changing his rap name to "Yasiin"?? Don't sweat it, he's still the MOS DEF rapper out.... after Chuck D of course..
by LittleRedFox.com.au September 28, 2011
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