Yea, everybody knows you can die if you do certain things. You can die in your sleep, you can die even if you're not trying to get yourself killed. What does anybody who's still alive really know about mortality though? If your friends or family died in a car accident, they would be the folks who know about mortality and not you. I doubt anybody who claims to know all about mortality from seeing horrific accidents has had an opportunity to talk with any of the deceased about mortality, therefore you're full of shit when you preach about it, you don't really know shot like the rest of us.
The girl must know it all about what death is like from seeing some bad accidents since she's preaching to everybody how they should live their lives the way she lives hers. Any slight deviation from the way she lives life will be considered reckless and adolescent minded, watch out! She's a mortality expert!
by Solid Mantis August 02, 2018
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To get so incredibly drunk you only escape your mortality from alcoholic poisoning by pure luck. Probably originating somewhere north uk (or another country altogether). This term is usually used prior to going out drinking, and is followed by a failed effort or pretence of being incredibly drunk.
"I'm gonna get mortal tonight! So lock up your daughters/sons/animals/other"
by sarcasmqueen January 11, 2014
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Not immortal. A mortal is someone or something that can die off through natural or unnatural selection.
Is there life after this mortal coil is shed?
by larstait October 29, 2003
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Roman Catholic; a mortal sin is one which must be confessed to a priest
a mortaler for example is killing another human being
by ofm November 23, 2013
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An insult in the Percy Jackson or Heroes Of Olympus fandoms. Meaning being idiotic or ignorant. Mostly fangirls or fanboys will call you this. It is very offensive to fangirls or fanboys if called a mortal. Be prepared to be stabbed, smacked, or punched. (For some extra zing they might stab u with a pen)
by Demigod121 February 27, 2014
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To be very, very drunk. This term is used almost exclusively in the west of Scotland.
I went oot last night and I was pure mortal, man!
by Lambchops November 23, 2004
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Mortal is an French Animator who's first animation was uploaded February 23, 2017. Mortal is also friends Sashley, who is another popular meme animator. Mortal is still active to this day.
I think that Mortal is a great animator!
by CallMeUwW September 08, 2019
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