A forum with no moderation and lots of noobs. Each day, there is a flame war and the majority of the members have the inteligence of an 11-year-old who drinks paint.
n00b666- i found motaro in mkd no lie
fatalkombat- stfu idiot
Thus the flame war begins...
by Sterolizer November 03, 2004
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The Mortal Kombat Temple, the greatest Mortal Kombat site in existence.

The empire that would become The Mortal Kombat Temple started back in 1999 on a simple gamers board, compiled with nothing but a few members who shared a passion for the same game. Soon it would blossom into the exellence that we see today; The Mortal Kombat Temple.

Emperor_Sub-Zero, the founder of The Temple, is most likely the official die hard fan of the Mortal Kombat series. At age 20, he has collected each MK arcade machine, every version of each game, the majority of original action figures, komics, official MK weaponry, films, and just about anything you can think of relating to the Kombat world. His vision for his favorite game was put into motion not too much longer after Gamers Board, and he began work on the mighty Temple itself...

Finally, around 2001, The Mortal Kombat temple received it's own domain. With pages and pages of information, it was and still is the greatest Mortal Kombat library you will ever come across, anywhere. It seemed as though Emperor_Sub-Zero was at the top of un-official MK fan-dom, so what else could make his already perfect site even better? The answer: The Mortal Kombat Hideout.

Emperor_Sub-Zero, who was sick of insufficient forums, soon began work on The Temple's official forum; The Mortal Kombat Hideout. The Hideout was a place for Mortal Kombat veterans alike to come and chat and share stories and artwork, something not seen outside of official MK sites. And, members would soon grow into an enourmous family that to this day consists of the best group of friends to be found anywhere in the MK universe.

Clans were soon formed, as groups of people decided to ban together for a secondary cause on The Hideout. Artwork, stories, or just getting up to date information on the next MK game were quite common. Some clans would remain through the thick and thin times, others would soon fade into obscurity and become destroyed due to in-activity.

While staff became somewhat shaky in recent times, it was reverted to near perfection, just as it was when The Hideout began. The Staff for The Mortal Kombat Temple is as follows:

~Temple Elders~

~Shadow Priest~
Lin Kuei Assassin

~Portal Masters~

~Clan Leaders~
The Purgatory: Lin Kuei Assassin
Eternal Flames: mkkinglogans
Tainted Souls: mk_master

After over five solid years, The Temple stands strong to this day. Soon, The Hideout would become so popular among fans, that Emperor_Sub-Zero decided it would be best to close The Temple and merge the site with the The Hideout in early 2005. This decision upset many people, but in the end it was well worth the efforts. The Hideout now keeps an official library of documents relating to Mortal Kombat. From move lists to secret codes, it's all there.

The Mortal Kombat Temple Kommunity remains one of, if not the strongest Mortal Kombat Kommunities to this day. For more information visit The Temple itself at www.mkhideout.com

All material relating to The Mortal Kombat Temple is copyright to Emperor_Sub-Zero.
by Lin Kuei Assassin August 16, 2006
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This is only a rumor from internet gamers. The rumor says: This game will be the final saga of Mortal Kombat videogames between Liu Kang(50 years old) and Lord Kazoo(398000 years old). This is the ultimate project of Ed Boon for Mortal Kombat series and for Midway videogames. It comes on September 2011.
"You are not an Inmortal, the Mortals are now the Mortal Kombat!"
by Samurai Katsu November 24, 2003
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The Mortal Kombat Syndrome is a mental disorder where someone writes K instead of C. The exception is if the C is pronounced like an S, as in "cigar".

Warning: Note that it is not an officially accepted disorder, and asking your doctor to test you for this disorder might land you in the loony bin.
Kan you visit this weekend? We got some koke in the fridge and we kould order some pizza.

OMG sorry, Mortal Kombat Syndrome.
by Fair Point September 29, 2010
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The best video game ever to be unleashed upon the the world of man. Mortal Kombat 2 was released in 1993 and loved by all who touched it except those liberalist b******s and those feminist c***s who tried so desperatley to get it banned but failed (HA!). Mortal Kombat 2 was one of only two games to be any good out of the MK series (the other being MK4) And it changed video gaming for ever
"Hey man, lets go play MK3"

"What the fuck you are you scriptin about???
MK3 is the worst game ever fool"

"I wanna play it"

"Nah, MK2"
"M! K! 2!
by Boh December 04, 2006
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The FUNNEST mortal kombat ever. A great fighting system with sick combos. Alot of noobs dont like it because they get thier ass handed to them by Quan chi
Retard: mortal kombat 4 sucked

MK pro: Mk4 pwns all

Retard: Mk2 pwns all!!

Mk pro laughs at the retard because he knows he cant play a real fighting game
by ImmortalFlesh April 21, 2009
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