Verb: To follow to extraordinary lengths just to watch. To gaze upon.
You are such a marik, stop following me I am not interested.

Also see creeper, stalker
by Tomeh September 6, 2010
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Crazy haired guy from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Could be referred to as Malik (the host of Marik), or Mariku. Marik could be the dark side of Malik, whose crazy and wants to kill everyone. Or Marik could be just normal Marik who wants just to kill the pharoah. Whichever way you want to say it you can. The names that are chosen in fanfictions varies between the two
Marik's back to his old crazy antics
by Carol February 27, 2005
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Marik is the hottest guy in town and people either hate him or love him, no in between.
He has the prettiest eyes you'll ever see and his smile could light up the entire universe.
You can practically feel the energy change as soon as he enters a room.
Marik is most definitely into guys but looks straight enough to get hit on by girls constantly.
He's an amazing person and seems to have jumped straight out of some Indie Movie.
If he likes you he will be the nicest guy ever, if he doesn't he might actually try to kill you.
No seriously I feel like he could do that.
Marik also surely has a Pisskink and a strange obsession with death.
He's the best friend I could've ever wished for and I could go on for days about how amazing he is.
You see that guy over there, the one with piss all over himself? That's Marik.
by Spiderpussy6669 May 20, 2022
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I guy of honorable intentions who loves to be creative. He's caring and honest and willing to go the extra mile for others but he really is a catch. Cute, loving, and looking for the right girl, Marik is the guy most don't have but wish they did.
Marik was the guy at school everyone loved.
by adaD D June 7, 2019
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Marike is the kind of girl everyone likes.
She is also often a fan of Lara Croft.
Person 1: Hey Marike, wanna come to my party tonight?
Marike: No thanks, I'm going to Lara Croft's house.
by Miney1762 February 18, 2011
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Marike is a name that stems from Brazil. She is a loving personality 10% of the time, which most is delighted to her dogs. Other than that she is a raging bitch with severe road rage tendencies. Don't be fooled by her pretty blue eyes, she will fuck you up like the spawn of Satan.
Oh fuck, hide your children! Marike is here!
by Garythesnailman August 31, 2018
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A villain in Yu-Gi-Oh! around the 2nd and 3rd season in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Yami Marik is the darker side to Marik Ishtar, who wants to kill the pharaoh, Yami Marik is out to do the same thing, but has fun and hurting everyone else in the process. In the english version 4kids is dumb and just lets him banish people, while in the japanese Yami Marik trys to kill people. Yami Marik is one of the bad ass people in the show really. but can be a bit crazy... or pshycotic at times and has a very flexable tongue in the japanese. but he is sent to the shadow realm forever later on and we never see him again. His name can sometimes be used differently like Malik or Mariku or Yami no Marik (japanese version of the name) or just Marik depending on what you look him up as
"I will destroy your five senses! until all you can feel is the doom in your heart!" ~Yami Marik
by KyoKyo866 August 14, 2006
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