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Verb: To follow to extraordinary lengths just to watch. To gaze upon.
You are such a marik, stop following me I am not interested.

Also see creeper, stalker
by Tomeh September 06, 2010
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Marik is a boy that will always love his homeland, no matter how far away from it he is. He is a caring, loving guy and will most of his life go by Mark. He loves his only one life, his soul mate. He is atheist, vegetarian, and liberal. He is loving, caring, and smart. He doesn't take things for granted. You meet this guy, you're probably not gonna likehim, except his love.
Fuck, Marik is such a realist.
by PeeweeHerman July 04, 2012
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Crazy haired guy from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Could be referred to as Malik (the host of Marik), or Mariku. Marik could be the dark side of Malik, whose crazy and wants to kill everyone. Or Marik could be just normal Marik who wants just to kill the pharoah. Whichever way you want to say it you can. The names that are chosen in fanfictions varies between the two
Marik's back to his old crazy antics
by Carol February 27, 2005
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An excptionally charming asshole who's one goal in life is to find a girl who will stay with him no matter how often he cheats on her. But to this individual, cheating should not be viewed as "cheating" as it goes against basic animalistic instincts.
Marik brough home another drunk bitch last night
by luvzlavidaloca April 04, 2008
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I guy of honorable intentions who loves to be creative. He's caring and honest and willing to go the extra mile for others but he really is a catch. Cute, loving, and looking for the right girl, Marik is the guy most don't have but wish they did.
Marik was the guy at school everyone loved.
by adaD D June 06, 2019
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