The sex act in which the woman, while giving her male partner a blow job, shouts "Finish Him," then clamps down on his penis, only releasing after her partner cries.
I decided to show him who was boss, so I performed a little Mortal Combat Felati-ality... the game is cool, but seeing him cry like a little girl was even cooler.
by angelicacharisma May 07, 2012
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At any time someone screams "FINISH HIM" you must finish your drink regardless of what you have in your hand, are doing or what you are drinking.
Jonathan shouted, " FINISH HIM" and Banner had to chugged his beer. Banner is now having fun drunk. This is the mortal kombat drinking game!
by WolfmanNinja November 03, 2013
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a battle that involves mentally handicaped fighters
kenny and philup had a mortal kombat retard edition battle
by debby zebby July 07, 2010
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A term used to describe various forms of entertainment, either in the positive or the negative.

"Man this movie really sucks."
"Yeah, but its better than the Mortal Kombat soundtrack"


"Oh yeah, I just got Final Fantasy XII"
"How is it?"
"ehhh, so far the mortal kombat soundtrack is better"
by Re-wired Writer November 16, 2006
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Recently a man survived the holocaust, spanish flu, and now COVID 19 he is an Ex-mortal
by mista2 April 06, 2020
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