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A message board for the upmost Elite hardcore Mortal Kombat Fans. Run by the Administrator, Emperor Sub_Zero, this message board has been around for quite some time.

When it first started, it was a simple message board. It then expanded into a website which was taken down and intergrated with the message board due to bandwidth problems. It now has 9 sections for people to post and other misc. things. This message board is what some would call a second home in the MK message board world.

What makes the MK Hideout so strong you may ask? It is because of the hard work and determination that the admin's and moderator's do. Not only are there Admin's and Mod's, but there are also the "Temple Guards." The Temple guards watch out and determine the "Newbs" from the "Noobs".
The hideout also keeps itself strong by making sure that everyone there has a high knowledge of Mortal Kombat.

Some who have been banned from the message board may see this and give it a thumbs down. But do not let that worry you.
Hey, I found this new Mortal Kombat Message Board, its called The Mortal Kombat Hideout.

Emperor Sub_Zero is so cool.

Mkkinglogans is also a cool person at the hideout.

Raiden Bobalay, RageOfScorpion, QuanMan, MadCat, FatalTragedy, Disturbed Fatalist, and MKMaster are definitely some cool members, they are nice and do not feed you bullshit comments about your work.

Some people take the critique negatively and spam the message board.

MKHIDEOUT IS T3h ROXZORZ!!!!11onetwothree
by A Twisted Illusion August 16, 2006
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