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A combination of moron and Nazi. An idiot who thinks his opinion is fact and anyone who disagrees with him is wrong and/or stupid. This behavior is not only moronic, but also discriminatory and evil, hence the name moronazi.
That Sealab2022 guy is such a moronazi!
by Bob882 November 23, 2004
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A person who believes they are correct in their thinking, no matter how much evidence is presented against their stance.

Often they will attack anyone who even slightly challenges their beliefs due to a lack of knowledge, confidence in their thinking, etc. There are many withing the fundamentalist Christian movement, but not all fundamentalists are moronazis.
ex:Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Chris Mathews, and Lou Dobbs are all moronazis.
by doj1313 August 07, 2009
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a self-consciously anti-intellectual person who is extremely aggressive, often verbally abusive, in his/her insistence that intelligence and its attendant abilities (to use "big words," to understand and elucidate complex and/or abstract concepts, to grasp subtleties and nuances, etc.) is bad in some way or another and should be squelched in any discussion--usually, such individuals feel that said discussions should instead be filled with simplistic, emotionally charged rhetoric and/or the ad nauseam repetition of dogma or pet phrases.
"Moronazis abound among religious fundamentalists; you will also find anywhere from 1 to 31 of them in most 12-step groups."
by jw78 January 17, 2009
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