means forest in japanese. definition of a swedish girl who was named by her hippie parents! the girl may seem like an enigma, putting men in a trance with her bohemian personality, and usually won't get along with women. she will remind you of a sunflower, warm and conveying happiness.
mori: forest in japanese, unique girl's name
by sunflowermori February 4, 2010
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this is an amazing person with a great personality they also are very handsome and have a phat ass
wow look at mori they should be a vogue model
by bekahthecloutchaser March 31, 2020
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my boyfriend, the love of my life, i love him more then anyone he is the best boyfriend i could ever ask for
wow! your boyfriend is mori? that’s so cool
by catbarkm July 3, 2021
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Short form for the runescape clan "The Moriquendi".
Mori on di. Mori 4 life! The Moriquendi.
by Skaterbfz September 4, 2006
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The plural of a moron. Instead of saying morons you would say mori. Similar to the word idiots only it comes from the word moron instead.
Look at those people running in front of traffic, what a bunch of mori.
by hoonstar July 24, 2009
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one of the most swag people you will ever meet.
Why is mori so cool
by Pebble671 July 17, 2021
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A Mory is a very sexy lady, with hips like WHOA.
Dude did you see Mory? Man now there is a beautiful girl. :x

I'd do that Mory!
by Chaseroonie January 17, 2007
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