Norwegian slang for "your mother". In Norwegian, a short word for "mora di", "morra di", "moren din" or "morå di", all meaning "your mother", but in different dialects. Used to offend, provoke, disrespect, or just to be funny by saying something completely irrelevant, "mordi" that is, in an otherwise serious conversation.
Just "Mordi!" in imperrative, when shouting at someone to provoke, offend, or disrespect.

Or in a dialog, while exercising with your friend:
Your friend: -Even if this is tiering, smelly, makes it hard to breathe, and makes me hungry and thirsty like hell, its still refreshing and fun at the same time!
You: -Yeah, thats what "mordi" said last night after i had sat on her face while jerking off for what I THOUGHT was for too long.
by kosepeisen April 18, 2009
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common used word in the game counterstrike in norway to insult your mum.
Darcus: Hey, stop that whining u little strange man !

"darcus flee`s leaving his teammates to die a horrible death"
by Darcus January 6, 2003
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A nick-name for the suberb of Mordialloc, located in Melbourne, Australia.
Lets go to mordi beach.
by Dave August 25, 2003
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Mordy is not a definition it’s an instant turn on for any girl(or boy). It’s a state of perpetual greatness. A Mordy is anything if not flipping hilarious and talented.a Mordy is also lowkey kinda genius, in addition to being best known for everyone just wanting him around.
Omg you have to have a Mordy like mine.
Get urself a Mordy, it’s like a new lease on life
by User_03 February 15, 2020
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A Jewish male. Taurus, most of the time. Calm. Quiet. Collected. Doesn't like to cause a scene. Biiigggg sport fan. I mean, who isn't?
"Yo, let's go toke with Mordy!"
by bigpicklesrule95 May 26, 2014
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Mordi is a Norwegian slang term meaning "Your mom". The word itself is two words put together: Mora (mom) and de (your (but can also mean they depending on the sentence)).
Tim: Hey tom guess what
Tom: What?
Tim: Mordi

Tom: you got me there
by Aleksimaier July 19, 2021
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when your getting a blow job and she uses way too much teeth
your girl was giving me head, but then she mordy'd me
by Muthafuckenayyy November 28, 2017
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