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An award winning dedicated school located in Mooresville NC. The Lake Norman Wildcats kicks Mooresville High School's ass in basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and swimming every year. Not everyone is pregnant with STD's & drugs like Mooresville High School. Lake Norman High School can throw down and party like the sexy people they are.
lake norman high school is smarter than mooresville high school, lake norman high school has less drugs, stds, and pregnancies than mooresville high school, every year lake norman high school rapes mooresville high schools asses, the wildcats proudly reside at lake norman high school,
by mooresvillekidd January 18, 2009
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commonly known as mo-town, booresville, & hoeville. In Mooresville you can find rich, scum, hoe, racer, redneck, and a mix of all five. Mooresville is not your idea of fun, there is nothing to do without the exception of partying.
Hey wanna go hit up some exit 28 hoes from Mooresville tonight?

Lake Norman High School has pure ownage over Mooresville High School.

Lets go hit up a party tonight in Mooresvile.
by mooresvillekidd January 18, 2009
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