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The biggest hell hole in all of the world. The place in every students nightmare. Ran by the one eyed wonder weasel herself, Mrs. Penny Hedrick. Assisted by her three balls Mr. Blatner, Mr. Shapcott(chapped cock), and Mr. Allred. They do a very good job of fucking up our lives and leading this evil place of satanic worship. This is honestly the worst place I can think of going at the moment. Id rather stick my dick in a meat grinder than to listen to those fuckbags tell me about education. FUCK LAKE NORMAN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!! If you agree post your defnition under this.
Hell hole of life. There is no where i wouldn't rather be. Fuck this place.
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The most disgusting high school in North Carolina. Full of drug addicts and disease ridden rich kids.
Dude one: Hey,I'm bringing my friend from lake Norman high school to the party tonight.
Dude two: Ew,no dogs allowed in my house man.
by Titsforpope December 04, 2013
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An award winning dedicated school located in Mooresville NC. The Lake Norman Wildcats kicks Mooresville High School's ass in basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and swimming every year. Not everyone is pregnant with STD's & drugs like Mooresville High School. Lake Norman High School can throw down and party like the sexy people they are.
lake norman high school is smarter than mooresville high school, lake norman high school has less drugs, stds, and pregnancies than mooresville high school, every year lake norman high school rapes mooresville high schools asses, the wildcats proudly reside at lake norman high school,
by mooresvillekidd January 18, 2009
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A place full of whore ass chode munchers that bow down to there pap daddy mooresville.
Bitch 1 - Hey let's go to Lake Norman High School!
Bitch 2 - they'll probably be sucking us off in the first minutes were there
bitch 3 - I'd throw up the moment i stepped in that shit hole
by Mo-Town Enthusiast March 07, 2012
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