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Black superhero of Wheeling, WV often seen riding his bicycle on the interstate or in parades wearing a fireman's jacket (even in the summer) and has many flags on his bicycle.
Oh man, I just added moondog as my #1 myspace friend.
by Robert gizlle November 03, 2007
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a local celebrity of Wheeling, WV. He is notorious for riding his bike around at all local events. Local children want to be like him, and local homeless people huff glue with him.
person 1:Yo I saw Moon Dog drunk as fuck riding his bike past my house the other day.
person 2:he wasn't drunk, we just huffed some glue at my crib and he had to leave.
person 1(in napoleon dynamite sounding voice):lucky
by moon dog fan November 11, 2006
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The nickname of an obese professional wrestler in the Pacific Northwest. Famous for spitting high into the air and catching the loogey in his mouth.
Moondog Maretti jobs to just about anybody.
by Alfie The Horndog August 10, 2005
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A creature with a black heart, ten times the size of a normal wolf. It's fur is blue and it's eyes glow red as it stalks you from tree tops. There have been numerous moondog attacks, but no witnesses or survivors.
Mr. Boats fought the moondog.
by Johnny Pasho September 08, 2007
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nickname for a women of large size, who acts as if she is not
Shes a moondog. Her clothing could fit an elephant
by diehard4fob July 27, 2009
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