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Derived from early slave times when black people would come out at night and sing slave songs under the moonlight like crickets.
Hey! Billy Bob and Joline, grab the shotguns the damn moon crickets are escaping from the plantation
by nispe July 03, 2005
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Black people that come out at night to raise hell and make alot of noise, like crickets after you turn off the lights to go to sleep thats when they come out.
Damn the fuckin moon crickets.They woke me up with all their fucking loud ass noise.
by beerad March 25, 2006
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A derogatory name used in the days of slavery, referring to the slaves singing during the night time.
I went down to Walmart the other day, and saw at least 30 moon crickets.
by Defrain06 August 18, 2017
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A dark colored being that comes out at night. Often sporting a throw-back and tims. May or may not have a lusterous grill. Often seen running from the police or a stray bullet.
The mooncrick in the elevator axed me if I was po' cuz I ain't no shoes.
by Stacy January 11, 2004
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Derogotory term for "colored people". Basically the same as saying Nigger
Dude...look at those mooncrickets in that back alley playing dice.
by Andrew September 27, 2004
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