Derogotory term for "colored people". Basically the same as saying Nigger
Dude...look at those mooncrickets in that back alley playing dice.
by Andrew September 28, 2004
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Slang for a black person. It has gained popularity on the eastern coast of the United States as it is drastically less offensive than the commonly used “nigger”.

Also used is the less common “Cricket of the Moon”.
White guy greeting black friend: “Whats good, mooncricket?”
by The Emperor of Time and Space January 29, 2012
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A racial slur, or derogatory term usually associated with black people.
Oh my gosh, look out! That mooncricket is about to shoot you!
by DA20 Pilot March 20, 2008
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another word for an african american whom has been shanked by his african american bitch.
Damn!!! did you see all that blood comin' outta that cut-mooncricket?
by cupplate July 11, 2008
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